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A gallery held in high regard, with spaces both in Wiltshire and on Cork Street, Messums commissioned us to create a five-part series, ‘Making Introductions’, in partnership with their artists. As Messums has become known as a platform for creative expression across artistic genres, the films focus on the techniques that stand at the core of each artist’s respective studio processes, with the hope that Messums’ members can learn a little about each artist and a lot about their process.


Messums London




Every masterpiece starts with a sketch, every journey with a step. It is often forgotten that art is as much a language as speaking. ‘Making Introductions’ is about learning these different ways of communicating and being able to take part in the conversation. Due to this, it was of utmost importance to us that each film was unscripted and led by the artist, rather than us. For that reason, we made a conscious effort to go into each shoot with open minds, allowing the work to speak for itself.

As part 2 of the ‘Making Introductions’ series, we spent a day with Peter Brown in London, watching him bring to life the urban landscape through the art of oil painting. Although Peter usually works in and around the streets of Bath, we took to the streets of Brook Green to observe his technique.

Georgia!!!! OMG! That is utterly brilliant. I really am taken aback. It’s so well put together. It flows, tells a story and holds your attention beginning to end and somehow you managed to make me relaxed. You are fantastic. Literally can’t say enough. Thank you so much. You are now welded into my contacts.



Peter Brown


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