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Situated in rural Devon, this exciting and ground-breaking family run company was one of our first clients. With products designed to blend in with their surroundings, we wanted to allow the clothing to do the talking. For that reason, we chose to film in a wild and rugged location: the Outer Hebrides. The Hebridean landscape is often described as a moonscape with huge vistas of granite, carved over millennia, interspersed with patchworks of heather and lochans. For us, this seemed a great reflection of the tough and durable textiles which have formed the basis of Fortis.


Fortis Clothing Ltd





Harris, Outer Hebrides

Rugged, wild, natural and durable are all words that describe both the subject and the location for this piece of work. With the great outdoors at the centre of the brand, it was vital that we showcased the clothing in a purposeful manner, editing to a rapid pace to give an active feel, again reflecting what the brand represents.

What better place to bring a brand at the forefront of textile sustainability than to the birthplace of the Harris Tweed: the textile of choice for any worthy outdoor adventurer or explorer.

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