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A second series of Making Introductions was commissioned by Messums in 2022, thanks to the success of the first in late 2020. As Messums has become known as a platform for creative expression across artistic genres, the films focus on the language of making and the intent of the artists, as well as the techniques that stand at the core of their respective studio processes. In this series, we explore the practice of new artists and revisit others to gain a little more insight into why they do what they do.


Messums London




As part of the second ‘Making Introductions’ series, we spent a day with Tyga Helme in Wiltshire, exploring the art of working from life. Trained at Edinburgh College of Art and The Royal Drawing School in London, Tyga uses nature as a metaphor for feelings of being overwhelmed. A rising star in the new British Landscape movement, her works embodies an awakening to the importance of the ground beneath our feet. A frosty morning in March seemed the perfect time to go out into the hedgerows to capture a glimpse of her working, from life.

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