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We collaborate with companies, brands, designers, entrepreneurs, artists, inventors and educators by bringing their ideas to life through the art of filmmaking, design and technical expertise.


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We understand that beauty and craft are nothing without rigour and commercial reality.

We start with the narrative. Every time. We live in a world where tools and technology are so easily available that anyone can make content, but not everyone can really hear the story or bring it to life in a fresh, thoughtful and well-crafted way. We work at the pace of the digital world, and we do so with authenticity and compelling storytelling. Craft can co-exist with an ever-changing digital landscape. And for us, less is considerably more.


Our Studio

We conceptualise and create the content you need to communicate your message across multiple platforms.  We specialise in hearing your unspoken stories and bringing them to life through film and digital content.

We listen carefully, we work quickly and we don't make things more complicated than they need to be.

We work hard, we work fast but we are obsessed with attention to detail. 

It's our passion to bring your stories to life with meaning and lasting value, as if they were our own. 

All our work starts with a core narrative. It's creative. It's innovative. And it tells your story.

We focus on efficiency at every level without compromising on quality, from our equipment to the time we invest.


Alladale x 

Farmison & Co

Abels, the Art of Moving

TMRW | New York Cryostorage


"Georgia is my secret weapon - she covers the landscape from concepting to filming to editing and post production and along the way, she moves really fast, she doesn't waste time, she listens and reflects people's own passions and dreams but she finds a way to tell your story even better.  And she flies a drone if you need it."

Jane Melvin

Founder, Strategic Innovations

"Iceni has been working with us at Bower Collective for several months now and we could not be happier with the results. Right from planning stage, through to the shoot and post-production / editing work, she has been a complete star. We are delighted with the output and will definitely be working with them again in the future."

Nick Torday

Co-Founder & CEO, Bower Collective

"Sìne and Georgia I am literally mind blown by how great your editing is - there were moments that felt 100% live because you couldn’t even see the jumps to new topics or omissions. You two are fantastic and so easy to work with - thank you both so much for everything."

Suzanne Tosolini

Growth Consultant, The Jim Stengel Company


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